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Helping special education teachers make sense of

government and community benefits like...


SSI, Medicaid, Guardianship,

Housing, and more! students and families get the services and supports they need and deserve!

From Confused to Connected:

How special education high school and transition teachers can confidently support students (and families) in accessing government benefits and adult services/supports


This professional development will increase your understanding of available benefits for 18 yr old+ students with developmental and intellectual disabilities, provide you with the knowledge to connect your students with the right benefits, and give you the know-how to build trusting relationships with families as you work to access benefits alongside them.




Do you teach special education transition?


Do you teach high school special education functional life skills?


Are you a transition coordinator?  


Supporting your students and families in accessing much needed government benefits and adult supports shouldn’t be just another thing on your mile long to-do list, it should be one of your top priorities as a transition, high school special ed teacher or juniors and seniors, or transition facilitator. 


While government benefits and adult agencies may seem like a true head scratcher, it’s possible to learn the content, make connections, and confidently walk your students and families through the process. 


Professional Development Course Outline

Let’s talk about the best parts of each module. 


You get...


Module 1- Benefits

    1. An overview of what government and community benefits and waivers to consider for your students

    2. Direct links to benefits in your state

    3. A process for determining what students are appropriate for what benefits


Module 2- Research & Connections

    1. An approach to efficiently increase your understanding of benefits

    2. A method for creating connections with benefit experts

    3. A process for collecting information and tracking student benefits 


Module 3- Family Support

    1. Guidance on establishing trust when working with families

    2. Steps for educating families on the benefits that are best for them

    3. Tips for increasing family follow through during the benefit application process


Module 4- Dedicating Time

    1. Systems to increase efficiency

    2. The best times and ways to support families

    3. Opportunities to share the value of your efforts with your administration

By the end of this program, 

you will have…


LESS Confusion

You'll be able to clearly and confidently explain a benefit to waiver to a family and why you should help them through the application process


MORE connections with benefit experts

You'll have go-to experts to rely on to connect with your families to share up-to-date information with benefits, waivers, services, and supports who can 


MORE trust with families 

You'll have tried and true methods for establishing trust with families as you walk along side them during the benefit application journey


LESS worry when students graduate or exit

You will have supported your students and famlies in accessing the benefits, services, and waivers that will support the indiivudal and create opporutnities for them to practice all the skills they've learned in school far into adulthood

2 Payments

$105 for 2 months

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1 payment of $200

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When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get:


Confused to Connected Professional Development
(A $200 Value)


4 Modules

Four pre-recorded lessons to absorb at your own pace and on your own schedule!


PDF Resources

-Grid of benefits and supports to assist in identifying what your students and families are eligible for

-Clickable state-specific benefit and agency contact information

-Scripts to facilitate communication with families

-Pre-made Google Docs to organize progress towards benefits

-Tips for supporting families through different processes


More Resources

-Positive Postcards to praise parents and families for working through the process

-Fillable templates when learning about benefits and networking

-Tips for increasing efficiency and family follow through

-Fillable template when meeting families for the first time


Email communication

Weekly emails recapping the newest module and a detailed to-do list for the week ahead

Plus These Bonuses Will Help You Stay The Course


Bonus 1

Zoom Q&A After Week 2

Submit questions ahead of time or come and ask them live, either way you will get an answer!

(A $50 Value)



Bonus 2

Zoom Q&A After Week 3

Submit questions ahead of time or come and ask them live, either way you will get an answer!

(A $50 Value)



Bonus 3

Celebration Zoom Party

Celebrate everything you've learned and share how you've helped your students and families with the group! 

Your favorite beverage to cheers to your hard work not included.

(A $25 Value)

2 Payments

$105 for 2 months

Register now!

1 Payment

1 payment of $200

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Money Back Guarantee

Asking your administration to pay for a PD may require jumping through hoops

and forking over your own hard-earned dollar can be scary. 


I know, I've been there!


If after the 1st 7 days you haven't increased your understanding of

government and community benefits, then you can request a full refund.  


I'm not here to waste your time or your money!

Frequently Asked Questions

2 Payments

$105 for 2 months

Register now!

1 Payment

1 payment of $200

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Not sure if this PD is for you?


If your adult agencies left you or your families feeling unsupported this year, then it’s time to learn the skills and make the connections to provide that extra layer of support for next year.  It may not have been in the textbooks of our undergraduate or graduate degree programs, but it is necessary and is vital for student’s success in life after they leave the educational system.

I can’t wait for you to join Confused to Connected!


Seeing and hearing the pure excitement and relief from families when they receive their award and approval letters, it’s truly heartwarming.  The experience of helping students and families in this way reignited my love for teaching and special education. 

I cherish every, ‘thank you,’ every ‘I so appreciate this,’ and every ‘thanks for taking the time to help us,’ on a whole new level. 

Reminder, this is a RISK FREE opportunity, and you must register by October 1st!


2 Payments

$105 for 2 months

Register now!

1 Payment

1 payment of $200

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